Museum Collections

Acquisition of Works
by Museums and Public Collections

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). New York. USA
The Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris. Paris. France
Beaubourg Center - Georges Pompidou. Paris. France
The National Center of Contemporary Art (C.N.A.C). Paris. France
The Museum of Contemporary Art. Tehran. Iran
The British Museum. London, UK
The Grey Collection. New York University. New York. USA
Golden Foundation for the arts. New Berlin. New York
Voor Volkenkunde. Museum Rotterdam. Netherlands
Aesthetics Research Center. Torino. Italy
The Modern Art Museum. Aman. Jordan
MATHAF. Arab Museum of modern art. Doha. Qatar
The Museun of Fine Arts. La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland
Airports Collection. Jeddah. Saudi Arabia
King Khaled International Airport Collection. Riyadh. Saudi Arabia
Cultural Center of Malmö. Sweden
Statens Museum. Copenhagen. Denmark
The Museum of Modern Art. Alborg. Denmark
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